How to personalize your phone case

Ok jumping into my first post, but anyways these are just the cutest phone cases ever. You can decorate any phone case you would like and you can add a touch of your personality in their as well. First things first here is what you have to do…

  1. Obtain Silicon Caulk from your local hardware store. Preferably you would like white because it looks really pretty and it makes the case look like it has frosting on it. Examples of hardware stores are Lowe’s and Home Depot. You would find it in the section with all of the other glues and moldings used for plumbing.
  2. Be sure to wear gloves!!!
  3. Get any cute decorations you could find. For mine I used little beads and made the spell out different sayings and I also used pictures too.
  4. Get a clear phone case, you could usually find those for cheap.
  5. Start adding on the Silicone Caulk. It takes time but you have to squeeze the bottle. Once stuff actually comes out, lay it on top of your phone case.
  6. With the eraser end of a pencil, slather it all around the phone case. ( If you want it to look light and fluffy like frosting try swirling it
  7. Once the case is coated with the caulk, start adding your decorations on. (Be sure you actually have an idea of what you want your phone to look like before you start glueing stuff on)
  8. Then Voila! You have your own decorated phone case. It usually takes a couple hours to dry but just leave it outside to try and then you’re good!

If anybody has any questions please comment and share so then if someone has a similar question then they can look at my answer to your question and not have to ask me another time:) Happy Phone Decorating!!!