My friend Amy had a birthday party…finally!! After much convincing:) see wat she said about it


Mi sol

Eres el regalo que nunca pedí

La porción de cielo que no merecí.

Todos mis anhelos se han cumplido en ti.

Y no quiero perderte no lo quiero así


CHORUS: Te lo dejé y tan sola me sentí sin ti.

Y no quiero de nuevo estar así así.

Tómame en tus brazos, soy parte de ti.

Soy parte de ti.


Eres mi sol, luz, calor y vida para mí.

Eres tú mi sol, estrella que a mi vida sustentó.

Eres tú mi sol.

Lo quiero ahora es perederme en ti.

Y ser envuelta en todo lo que eres tú.

Ser envuelta en todo lo que eres tú




How to love yourself

How to love yourself

I know this is really wierd but I find it really fun to take the time to dress up and take a picture of myself. This makes me feel confident about myself…please don’t judge. This could be something you can do in your spare time on those days when you don’t feel pretty. You can either keep it to yourself or post it on instagram and see how many likes you can get:) I did this on Valentines day because I felt that I wasn’t loved at all but after I took it I felt better. So here is what you do when you want to feel more confident about your own beauty.
• Take the time to make yourself look really pretty and take pictures of yourself
• once you find a really good pictre of yourself, post it on facebook or instagram or whatever and then just see how many likes you get
• No matter how many likes you get, 100 or 1 at least you publicized your beauty. No one has to like your post if you’re pretty, because before you even post that picture you should already be satisfied by your looks and not base your beauty just on those likes. But of course, 50 likes on a photo doesn’t bite:)